Since one of my hobbies is drafting plans for furniture, it is no surprise that I have been designing and redesigning the perfect space for years. It started elaborate, and slowly became realistic, otherwise known as smaller, and very intentional to meet my needs now, and hopefully be able to expand as my needs change.

Two big things helped me. One, I made a list of things I wanted from my space. Check it out here. These ideas have been in my head for awhile, but getting them down in all one place helped me sort through the high priorities with the low priorities. Two, I next made a list of my items that are organized well (suitable storage containers) and items that needed work. Check it out here. This helped me see if I have a place for everything and if i need to start looking for storage solutions/containers.

I also decided to go with a counter height table top since I find I am getting up all the time to reach for things and figure it would be much easier to stay standing. Since my work area has become our kitchen while I waited for a desk, I found I do work really well standing up. If I do want to sit, I have picked out a great drafting chair that I hope to order for some future birthday or Christmas gift… take a peek!

Links to posts with more detailed information:
(will link when completed!)

Step 1: Desk
Step 2: Topper
Step 3: Large bookcase with rollout paper cart
Step 4: Organize sewing and Cricut area
Step 5: Determine what needs to be organized and design a rollout cart or 2 to fulfill those needs.


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