Scrapping Soon To Be Reestablished


A long time ago I enjoyed the hobby of scrapbooking. Then after one vacation I lost all my notes and sketches for my scrapbook plans… along with it I lost my scrap mojo.  I tried working on projects. I finished a previous vacation book, and every time i looked at it i was disappointed with the lack of creativity.  After that I only did a few layouts as gifts, all the while wishing and wanting to get stuff done. In that time I got a Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot (more on them another time) but was too intimidated to get started (again, my lack of feeling creative added to this.) Now over the past few months I felt my mojo come back to me and am ready to start scrapping. My only hinderance this time is a place to do it in because it seems I collected a bit more than just 1 machine and computer program and I do not fit into my space anymore.

Aaron and our neighbor Mark are building me my “dream” scrap area. Dream meaning practical yet “oh my gosh I actually have a whole desk and storage system devoted to craft things, oh yeah, and it looks great!” They got started on it yesterday, and hope to have the largest part of the desk done this week. Mark is a busy guy, but thankfully his family is letting us borrow him for a few hours in the evenings to get this done. Once they get the base done, I will start painting it with a primer/sealer.  I am hoping my next post will include a few pictures of our progress.

Until then,