I am a Christ follower, wife to Aaron, mother to Kuyper and Zane and master to Kiwi, a beagle, and Cheerio, a miniature pincher.


I am a SAHM and I love it! Not only do I get to see all my kid’s “first” and watch them grow up, I love the advantage of not having to plan my “life” around a 40 hour work week. I took early childhood classes in college and through it all I always thought about how I could transfer this knowledge to raising my future kids, not how I would use it in the classroom. All in all, it is really my dream job!!!


I enjoy scrapbooking, fish keeping, drafting (furniture and house plans) and playing games (wii, PS3 and computer.)

Current game of choice:

Sims 3! I got a new computer recently that plays sims 3 well, so I am excited to start making houses again. If you are a Simmer visit my page and add me as a friend.

A Little Bragging About My Kids:

Kuyper’s First Word:

Spock. Yes, Spock, as in Star Trek. Odd as it may be, at least he has started talking!  I went the slow and steady route, talking to him and repeating words he might use over and over (more, up, milk and so on.) Aaron took the “single out a odd word and say it over and over to see if he will say it” route.  Aaron’s route won. One night as we were watching Star Trek and Kuyper was enjoying climbing on the ottoman and jumping to Aaron on the sofa, Aaron told him to say Spock and he did. At first I was not sure if it was just mumbling that sounds like words (happens all the time, but he never repeats himself) but he said it again and again. I think he liked the “p” sound because he emphasized it in the beginning, soon dropping the “s” and saying “pock” and then move to saying “bock.”

Zane’s Achievement:

Zane rolled over at 3 months (and 8 days) old. Not just from back to front, but  2 weeks later, from front to back! According to baby center’s milestones, back to front is a “Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)” at 3 months, and front to back is an “Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)” at 4 months.


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