Aaron edited this photo of Kuyper eating berries and loved it. Me, not so much; however, since Aaron would not give me any clues as to what he wanted for his birthday, I thought a great LO featuring this picture would do the trick.

One button is missing from the middle flower. I have to run to the store tomorrow to pick up another one.

Love the layers

Love the textures.


What I did:

1. I used black and grey cardstock and grey pattern paper from Recollections collect Fashionably Chic. I inked (black soot), rolled the edges and splattered the paper with black and red acrylic paint.
2. I made the flowers and added the buttons I got from wal-mart. I stickled the top for  little  sparkle and it looked great wet, but when it dried it was no longer clear and looks a bit crusty if you look close… oh well, hopefully people look at it from the distance. 😀 I also am learning how to make these flowers without making a mess with with the hot glue…
3. I sprayed a piece of white burlap with a DIY black acrylic paint mist.
4. I pulled pieces of the burlap edges. I left some the grey color and used a little red acrylic paint and water to color the rest.
5. I cut a strip of white mesh (I forget what the technical name is) and glue gunned it to a piece of felt in a pleat style. I cut it to size and used a small left over strip along the top.
6. I added a piece of grey lace over the black cardstock.
7. In order to  even out the height of the paper supporting the photo, I had to cut strips of chipboard (10 I think) which allowed me to stick the flowers partly underneath.
8. I painted dew drops (actually floral vase filler I found at JoAnn’s that I use as cheap few drops) with a metallic white paint.

Inspired: drycha‘s “demons” LO

YouTube: Flowers, and distressing one & two


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