Step 1: Desk


Although some of the pictures and information are already available, I thought I would put it all in one spot.

Finished Product


3/4″ plywood cuts: used 2 different 4×8 sheets
-30″ x 72″
– 24″ x 42″

2×4 cuts: used nine 8′ long 2x4s
Short desk –
two – 36″ (legs)
two -24″ (leg supports)
three – 21″
two – 42″

Large Desk –
four – 36″ (legs)
two -30″ (leg supports)
one -68 7/8″ (leg supports)
two – 72″
four – 27″


Aaron found the info on how to build the base.  We used lap joints along the top corners.

Large desk -30" deep x 72" wide and 36 3/4" tall - Back view

Large desk - bottom joint

Lap Joint

large desk - holes where the small desk attaches with bolts. There are 2 sets of these holes on the desk so I can rearrange and have the "L" facing the other direction.

2 ft x 3.5 ft desk on it's side.

painted and upright view of the small desk


Once built, I used wood putty over the screws and then primed it with a primer and sealer (Kiltz Primer and Sealer) twice on the legs (2x4s) and three times on the plywood. I made sure to find a primer that also seals because it blocks wood gains and knots. Next I painted it white and sanded it with 150 grit. Lastly I sprayed the top with Minwax Polyurethane (Semi-Gloss.) I sprayed it 4 times, sanding with 220 grit in-between per directions on the can.


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